On & Off

from by Leyone Tracks

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Produced by Leyone Tracks
*Contains elements of "Into The Mirror" by Minus The Bear


I don’t know what I did right,
but we survived in the day until midnight,
And before we got here we’d have been tight,
I don’t know what a good night with you woulda been like,
an invite to get in fights, talkin' 'bout all that he said bullshit,
talkin' bout all the weight that she ain’t pullin,
and other people lookin' like we ain’t foolin' them,
Like you don’t care about stayin' in love, but you pretend

(Verse 1)
You say your need space, but talkin' 'bout moving in,
You said you’d never cheat but then who’s your friend,
I’m not jumpin' to conclusions when clues can end on,
seeing you tomorrow or feeling like I’d been wrong,
I know you’re saying that nobody is perfect,
but when your body’s getting involved then it’s probably worth it,
And it’d be dope if we’d forget about it,
but that option isn’t poppin', and I’d rather say to you to be honest

You can’t come with me; we can’t make this work,
Every night I blow, this is my own dirt
But on an off night, we’re
{on and off like} (x6)

(Verse 2)
See I don’t play the blame game when I don’t have to,
If I was another man, I’d probably have to grab you,
Naw, fuck it I still see that attitude,
like going behind my back was something that you had to do,
You’re crying, bitching, lying, complaining,
Gosh, you’re now here tryna explain it,
But saying the same shit, kinda repetitive,
It’s time to break this off cuz there’s timing for everything,
Whoa, the conversation’s going backwards,
We’re going back and forth about who gets the last word,
Cuz we both know the answer but we fight about it like it really matters when, We’re acting childish like Billy Madison,
adamant Adam and Eve, tryna see who’s really mad as can be,
and we don’t think about how bad it would seem,
If at the end of the night, if one of us is having to leave


(Verse 3)
It’s the last verse and I’m still kinda mixed up,
you’re still tryna figure out who done did what,
But you don’t need to flip, this needless shit,
its nothing but an ego trip, so what’s done is done under the bridge, lookin' out for number one, not number two,
didn’t I say I’m done with you, stop talkin' what you come to do,
realize what you come to lose, yeah I thought so,
You’re still holding onto feelings saying not so,
And you’re holding on me like dirty laundry,
I’m on ease, you call me, I’m not talkin',
An army of your things are now piled up,
in a little place I’m callin' my heart,
bigger before you plucked the strings like a fallen guitar,
it’s hard to get far when I’m markin' the scar,
but the past is for a reason, and I think that I’ll get on for tomorrow



from Part One, released April 2, 2012
Recorded at The MurMur Lair, Chicago



all rights reserved


Leyone Tracks Chicago, Illinois

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