On The Wall

from by Leyone Tracks

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Produced by Leyone Tracks
*Contains elements of "The Caves of Altamira" by Steely Dan


(Verse 1)
It all started in elementary school of hard knocks,
and are lots of harlots, plenty of fools,
and are not the options preposterous,
of either a ballplayer singing the opera, I,
wanted to shake it up, maybe to say some stuff, how did I make it,
I can’t place it kid, it’s maybe luck, naw I’m kidding,
it came from fiddling with rhythms and time signatures,
THE DAY ISN'T YOURS, that’s what their telling me,
but I was always number one up in a spelling bee,
now I’m not saying that I always had a better dream,
but by any means necessary, couldn’t succeed if it was next to barely,
so I started rhyming after recognizing I wanna make a better meal than cheddar cheese and ramen, please, that is not for me,
I ain’t tryna get a Grammy but maybe a head can nod for me
or something, So don’t make assumptions,
I’m a rundown dumb fuck with talent on the come up,
or SOMEWHAT, slumdog, gun lord, uninsured,
I’m unsure if you got the point, I’ma stick it out one more,
images and gimmicks go and walk into a gun store,
music’s for the people, what the hell did you come for,
you can’t answer that, go ahead and run this back,
I make hits like I’m Duncan’s bat

Before all the tracks,
before all the lames,
before having all these labels saying my name
Before I ever had a dollar and a lil change, I {wrote it on the wall}
I put it on rap, I put it on wax,
radios saying this isn’t the format,
so I say fuck it and give 'em the forms back, I

(Verse 2)
I’m the emcee you’re getting to know,
isn’t this flow spitting so cold it’s written in stone,
Forget writing on a wall, you should fall back,
I make the walls crack when I’m putting down verses and on wax,
And all that is just another reason I’m, putting on these demon eyes, it’s so sick they call me demonized, And yo, I need the time,
If it is money then I’m countin' on receiving that royalty check from BMI,
I don’t see a sign, but who needs it,
to bleep shit, I write profane so I can keep it,
don’t remix me rockin' the boat, I’ll make you sea sick,
but if you’re not looking at me then you can’t see that,
I spit crack, relapse, so relax, call it internet dating,
my tracks get you motherfuckers E-Jacked,
I’m lookin' like I’m Darth Vader in this bitch,
I’m like a martian and it’s cuz caught the vapors in your whip,
tryna see me, face it, you should make another trip,
I’m reppin' Terra 5, so that means there’s AZN in the spliff,
we make you speak Chinese, wack niggas need ID,
and afterwards we make em need IVs,
out in Xiaolin homie you don’t need to find me,
when you do, you gonna see a whole team behind me,
now a celebration’s what I gotta do,
holler at your boy, you tryna drink I’ll bring two bottles through



from Part One, track released April 2, 2012
Recorded at The MurMur Lair, Chicago



all rights reserved


Leyone Tracks Chicago, Illinois

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