Part One

by Leyone Tracks

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Copyright © 2012 Leyone Tracks. All Rights Reserved.


released April 2, 2012

Produced by Leyone Tracks
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Kravon Teamer
Recorded at The MurMur Lair, Chicago
Photography by Thomas Gibson



all rights reserved


Leyone Tracks Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: On The Wall
(Verse 1)
It all started in elementary school of hard knocks,
and are lots of harlots, plenty of fools,
and are not the options preposterous,
of either a ballplayer singing the opera, I,
wanted to shake it up, maybe to say some stuff, how did I make it,
I can’t place it kid, it’s maybe luck, naw I’m kidding,
it came from fiddling with rhythms and time signatures,
THE DAY ISN'T YOURS, that’s what their telling me,
but I was always number one up in a spelling bee,
now I’m not saying that I always had a better dream,
but by any means necessary, couldn’t succeed if it was next to barely,
so I started rhyming after recognizing I wanna make a better meal than cheddar cheese and ramen, please, that is not for me,
I ain’t tryna get a Grammy but maybe a head can nod for me
or something, So don’t make assumptions,
I’m a rundown dumb fuck with talent on the come up,
or SOMEWHAT, slumdog, gun lord, uninsured,
I’m unsure if you got the point, I’ma stick it out one more,
images and gimmicks go and walk into a gun store,
music’s for the people, what the hell did you come for,
you can’t answer that, go ahead and run this back,
I make hits like I’m Duncan’s bat

Before all the tracks,
before all the lames,
before having all these labels saying my name
Before I ever had a dollar and a lil change, I {wrote it on the wall}
I put it on rap, I put it on wax,
radios saying this isn’t the format,
so I say fuck it and give 'em the forms back, I

(Verse 2)
I’m the emcee you’re getting to know,
isn’t this flow spitting so cold it’s written in stone,
Forget writing on a wall, you should fall back,
I make the walls crack when I’m putting down verses and on wax,
And all that is just another reason I’m, putting on these demon eyes, it’s so sick they call me demonized, And yo, I need the time,
If it is money then I’m countin' on receiving that royalty check from BMI,
I don’t see a sign, but who needs it,
to bleep shit, I write profane so I can keep it,
don’t remix me rockin' the boat, I’ll make you sea sick,
but if you’re not looking at me then you can’t see that,
I spit crack, relapse, so relax, call it internet dating,
my tracks get you motherfuckers E-Jacked,
I’m lookin' like I’m Darth Vader in this bitch,
I’m like a martian and it’s cuz caught the vapors in your whip,
tryna see me, face it, you should make another trip,
I’m reppin' Terra 5, so that means there’s AZN in the spliff,
we make you speak Chinese, wack niggas need ID,
and afterwards we make em need IVs,
out in Xiaolin homie you don’t need to find me,
when you do, you gonna see a whole team behind me,
now a celebration’s what I gotta do,
holler at your boy, you tryna drink I’ll bring two bottles through

Track Name: On & Off
I don’t know what I did right,
but we survived in the day until midnight,
And before we got here we’d have been tight,
I don’t know what a good night with you woulda been like,
an invite to get in fights, talkin' 'bout all that he said bullshit,
talkin' bout all the weight that she ain’t pullin,
and other people lookin' like we ain’t foolin' them,
Like you don’t care about stayin' in love, but you pretend

(Verse 1)
You say your need space, but talkin' 'bout moving in,
You said you’d never cheat but then who’s your friend,
I’m not jumpin' to conclusions when clues can end on,
seeing you tomorrow or feeling like I’d been wrong,
I know you’re saying that nobody is perfect,
but when your body’s getting involved then it’s probably worth it,
And it’d be dope if we’d forget about it,
but that option isn’t poppin', and I’d rather say to you to be honest

You can’t come with me; we can’t make this work,
Every night I blow, this is my own dirt
But on an off night, we’re
{on and off like} (x6)

(Verse 2)
See I don’t play the blame game when I don’t have to,
If I was another man, I’d probably have to grab you,
Naw, fuck it I still see that attitude,
like going behind my back was something that you had to do,
You’re crying, bitching, lying, complaining,
Gosh, you’re now here tryna explain it,
But saying the same shit, kinda repetitive,
It’s time to break this off cuz there’s timing for everything,
Whoa, the conversation’s going backwards,
We’re going back and forth about who gets the last word,
Cuz we both know the answer but we fight about it like it really matters when, We’re acting childish like Billy Madison,
adamant Adam and Eve, tryna see who’s really mad as can be,
and we don’t think about how bad it would seem,
If at the end of the night, if one of us is having to leave


(Verse 3)
It’s the last verse and I’m still kinda mixed up,
you’re still tryna figure out who done did what,
But you don’t need to flip, this needless shit,
its nothing but an ego trip, so what’s done is done under the bridge, lookin' out for number one, not number two,
didn’t I say I’m done with you, stop talkin' what you come to do,
realize what you come to lose, yeah I thought so,
You’re still holding onto feelings saying not so,
And you’re holding on me like dirty laundry,
I’m on ease, you call me, I’m not talkin',
An army of your things are now piled up,
in a little place I’m callin' my heart,
bigger before you plucked the strings like a fallen guitar,
it’s hard to get far when I’m markin' the scar,
but the past is for a reason, and I think that I’ll get on for tomorrow

Track Name: Something New (360 Deals)
(Verse 1)
Let me play a riff if you got the drums,
Let me roll the spliff if you got the drugs,
Let me hold the clips if you got the guns,
And I’m blastin' off like astronauts,
still here; I haven’t lost, I was told hip hop wasn’t dope,
so I’m here getting down on some electro shit,
cuz the rest of you folks don’t know the coldest of closest to the best focus I noticed, man I guess that’s typical,
and if I don’t conform you can call me cynical,
But real talk I’m not mad at all,
cuz people act like they relapse on Adderall,
I got bounce on this trizack like basketball,
so I can just kick back laugh at y’all
But it’s a party and I'm drunk as hell and I,
don’t argue with picking up sloppy seconds

But I’ve been there, and I’ve done that,
It was fun then, but now I’m coming back,
I got a picture, now it’s on the rack,
I’m onto heroin, because I’m done with crack...
Yeah I’ve been there, and I’ve done that,
It was fun then, but now I’m coming back,
I got a picture, now it’s on the rack,
Maybe you ain’t feelin' me, but your feelin' that

I take a look at the past,
and I say to it I will never be done with you,
Then I get on the track,
and I start going like I said I found something new,
{I guess it all just comes around 360, but we part ways at just about 180} (x2)

(Verse 2)
This goes out to the guy at the bar who’s blowing up the keep like he’s balling harder than a quarterback who’s pulling all the yards, and never has a date cheaper than the Olive Garden AND,
this one’s for the chick who’ll accept not a drink less than most of alcoholics, And it’s all fly until she has to vomit,
'till then most of her drinks she keeps spilling,
And mister out of control keeps on spitting this game to her like its venomous wordplay, She’s feelin' it, but if her buzz was thirsty,
then she’d be outta the club like it was a Thursday,
It’s working as they continue conversing he was jobless,
and the rest isn’t now worth saying, Every day we are taking that risk, and this story is just as cliché as it gets

But I’ve been there, and I’ve done that,
And there are fly chicks, who wear a dunce cap,
I think it’s kinda funny, but I’m not gonna laugh,
cuz there are nice guys, who wouldn’ta done that...
But I’ve been there, and I’ve done that,
And there are fly chicks, who wear a dunce cap,
I think it’s kinda funny, Maybe I’ll laugh a bit,
Naw, that’s messed up, I think I have to quit.